Kanye West Facebook Cover – Work in Progress


Kanye West Facebook Cover - Work in Progress

Its been long since i touched covers but maybe i still got it… 😉


The Design Life


With only 1 year and some months of attending my College lectures in Graphic Design I have learnt to spend most of my time in-front of the laptop screen, experimenting on software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver. What I’ve realized is that, if I had taken up a course in something else I didn’t have passion for, I wouldn’t be at the level I am in right now because of the lack of motivation. If you are reading this and you are on the verge of deciding the career path you want to take up, I’d say just follow your heart and your talents.

These two will take you to a more pleasant life other than taking up a course that you admire. For example, during my High School life I wanted to take up Chemical Engineering because I found myself interested so much in chemistry, I soon got to realize that Chemistry was what I liked and not my passion, how? Let me explain to you… When I was studying Chemistry at home or with friends I usually got a different feeling as compared to when I was drawing a piece of art or doing a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation for my Computer Literacy class. When drawing, I usually took my time and concentrated more and never really got bored, the same also applied to my PowerPoint presentations. I’d sit for some time coming up with silly but meaningful designs and I was also a big fan of slideshow movies.

I then realized that drawing and designing was my passion and so I landed myself on it. Here is why people drop out of first year (or any other year) in University or College, at some point before you choose to go to University and what to study for, one usually robs him/her-self by making the mind to pretend as if they have passion for a certain course of study. Some are usually influenced by the success of their parents and so they take up what their parents studied. Some also want to gain prestige by studying something that is really hard and yet forsaking their own talents.  Thus all these characters go into Universities and soon they get to realize that what they are studying isn’t their passion because they don’t enjoy the long hours of studying or the lectures get really boring and so they sleep during lectures ordon’t attend specific lectures or tutorials at all. Thus some of them fail or even if some of them will be doing really well in their studies they get to realize as time goes by that what they are studying isn’t really their passion but it’s what they “liked” and so in 2nd or 3rd year they change their majors (of which that would be time wasted).

Now here is the point I am getting to, I don’t usually get bored by studying for long hours because I am studying my dream course and in that case, every time I open the books and work on my projects I’d be having these voices that keep on saying to my mind “What happens if you try this?”  or “Let’s try the next level”, all these help me to keep going for hours and hours without being bored or tired and that’s how I manage to pass.  The most important part of my design life is my inspiration, I am inspired by a number of young and old Graphic and Web designers like Julia Campbell (J Designs) from the USA who has done projects with popular celebrities like Sean Kingston and Soulja Boy, her work is amazing and I look up to people like her and a designer called Jermaine (GraphixMain) also from the USA. These people are geniuses and some of them are self-trained designers, I look up to them for inspiration and motivation and I usually ask how they did it and the answer usually is experience, giving yourself some time to improve on creativity abilities no matter how much time it takes.

Then there is the Design Master I look up to, God. I mean just take your time to look at the clouds, the surroundings, the trees and most of all the mind. The mind is an amazing tool and Dr. Ben Carson once said: The mind can process 2 Million bits of information in one second, God designed that. God designed the beautiful oceanic view that never ages, I mean the world has been in existence for centuries and centuries but His designs have always been inspiration to artists and designers of all generations! I personally love design and although sometimes I don’t produce high quality work like highly experienced designers I still have the un-dying hope of being a more creative designer in the future.